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#1 Professional and insured pressure washing and gutters company in Houston, TX . we use the latest Eco-Friendly solutions and power washing equipment on the market. We have serviced thousands in the Houston area with superb customer service. Call today to schedule your next power washing or gutter install appointment! 24/7 house washing, roof cleaning, driveway cleaning, window cleaning, and gutter installation or cleaning.


what we offer

Mama always said, find something you are good at and master it. We focus on providing high quality results every time you call us.

Pressure Washing

  • Wash the surface itself
  • protect surface from the elements
  • Remove surrounding debris

Gutter cleaning

  • leafs and debris removal
  • downspouts flushed twice
  • trash cleanup and haul-off


window washing

  • No streak methods used
  • filtered de-ionized water system
  • better looking windows for longer


Patio & Deck washing

  • analyze wood condition
  • match pressure & solution to wood type
  • dry and seal wood to protect it

install gutters

  • high quality custom gutters
  • we beat other’s prices
  • 2 yr warranty on all jobs.

Gutter guards

  • stainless steel mesh
  • reduce trash build-up
  • extend life of gutters

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Featured Services

We love showing off the quality of our Pressure washing and gutter services. want YOUR home featured?

We have taken the pressure washing and gutter industry to the next level in Houston, Texas. Why hire a teen to do all your exterior cleaning? Our techs have the chemistry knowledge and years of experience needed to provide you with high quality and eco friendly results. We have the know-how and capacity to clean any surface in River Oaks, the Heights, The woodlands or down in Clear Lake. We service residential and commercial properties all over texas.

We use professional methods to clean debris off your gutter system. Our techs are highly experienced and trained to complete each service thoroughly and responsibly. during gutter maintenance, all of our ladders have stabilizers on them to assure they never touch the gutters, protecting your gutter system from accidental damage. We provide gutter repair services, which include re-leveling, sealing leaks, re-attaching downspouts, re-attaching hangers on loose gutters and checking fascia board for rot that would destroy your gutter system.

We create gutters with the highest quality materials and installation techniques. we offer a two-year parts and labor warranty on all gutter installations and a full lifetime warranty on new gutter installations that include the purchase of a gutter maintenance plan. We offer the installation of XTREME Gutter Guards to keep new or repaired gutters protected and in working order. An XTREME Gutter Guard is made of stainless steel micro-mesh over expanded aluminum that yields the optimum micron size to stop all trash and debris from clogging your gutter system.

Our gutter guard is always recommended to extend the life of your gutter system and reduce future maintenance — saving you time and money!

washing windows


Our Reverse Osmosis Deionizing system will amaze you. It filters tap water through its 4-stage filtration system which starts with reverse osmosis, and a deionization process to produce mineral free H2O for effective cleaning and spot free windows.We are THE wash-techs of choice by many exclusive home owners in the Houston Area.we always guarantee streak-free windows and thorough cleaning of screens and sills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you work around my schedule?

Sure! we understand that you are busy. which is why we work 24/7. most of our clients never even get to see our pretty faces when we service their home because they are at work. all our techs must have background checks yearly to provide peace of mind.

what about my flowers and expensive landscaping?

all of our techs must go through an extensive 3 month training program to insure that they dont damage any property while providing pressure wash or gutter services.

what about all those nasty chemicals?

No worries, we are proud tree huggers! all our cleaning solutions and soaps are eco-friendly and not harmful to your land or plants. so you can sleep sound at night knowing you helped the earth!

will you price match?

we dont match, we beat prices. bring us an official invoice or estimate and we will definately try to beat their price, even if we only make a buck profit.

are you guys legit?

anyone can buy an offbrand pressure washer for less than a hundred bucks. Our techs have chemistry training that allows them to know exactly what solution will clean your surface best. We are also fully registered and insured in the state of texas. not to mention our 15+ years of experience.

do you only service homes?

definately not, we provide cleaning services for all sorts of equipment, parking lots, gas stations, restaurants, dentists, etc. just give us a call!

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“Osman came to my house with one other technician. I thought it was gonna take him all day to finish my house, since others usually take 6 or more hours. Osman and his tech did it in 3 and it was amazing” Fred Henderson

“Ekoo came to my gas station to power wash. The nice lady quoted me over the phone for the pavement only, but the tech cleaned the graffiti off my walls for free! thats good service right there” Jane Smith

“I will only use Ekoo from now on because the last time I tried powerwashing my house I got water inside my attic and living room. #DIYFail ” David White

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Excellent customer service is what we want to offer and because of that we guarantee you will love our work, or we’ll keep on cleaning till its right.

expert power washing & gutters

We provide everything you might ever need to keep your massive curb appeal with our pressure washing service and keep your house safe from mold and decay with our gutter services.

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We come to you and provide you with a quote, after that we clean an area in your house as a free sample. that’s how confident we are in our professional pressure wash techs.

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